Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Georgous Family of 8

I had the opportunity to photograph this beautiful family last week. All of them take amazing pictures it must run in their family. We went to a Park that is located here in Tooele and it was the perfect location to get some great pictures. Thanks "C" for letting me photograph your family hope you like the pictures.
This is my favorite picture from the session

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blonde hair blue eyed beauty

Its not often that I find a 6 year old willing to let me take their picture, however on this day my niece was posing like crazy. This picture was taken at Murray Park which is my favorite place to take pictures, it is so beautiful there.

Great Grand Kids

Yesterday I took my kids out along with their 3 month old cousin to get some family pictures done for their great grandma. My husband comes from a small family and his grandma only has three grand kids and now only 3 great grand kids (unlike my family I have over 30first cousins). The session went pretty good, I went in expecting only to get one good picture out of it due to the age of my son (terrible twos). I got some pretty good pictures, I can't wait to show my husbands grandma.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My blue eyed cutie

This is a picture of my son, he is only 18 months old and it is very difficult to get a good picture of him. I am always using my kids as models to get some practice (especially natural lighting outdoors) as soon as I saw my little man hanging out side I couldn't resist taking him picture.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Double Trouble

These two little twins were so cute and fun to work with. At the beginning of the session "L" who is on the right was so happy and all smiles but "G" didn't really like it however by the time we were at the end they switched. Here are two photos from the session, for a little sneak peak for their mom. This was such a fun session, I hope to have all your pictures ready soon.

"L" is going to play the drums just like his dad, he was pounding away!!!